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This is my second time here. What can I say, I love the Groupons! I’m pretty sure there should be a Groupon anonymous suport group. The first time I went for dinner and this time we went for lunch. Ironically we sat at the same table both times.

Located on the second floor, the big windows in the back give a nice view of shoppers below in the street. There isn’t a big weekend lunch crowd-there are only a few other tables seated.

Everything is red and black (a little on the dark side). The decor is sleek and modern looking-everything is symmetrical.

We start with the edamame $4.50. Cooked perfectly. A nice way to start the meal.

I order the tempura, shrimp and veggie $13.95. It’s an appetizer but for me, just the right amount for lunch. There are two pieces of shrimp-you can still taste the fishiness of the shrimp-they are perfectly cooked and the tempura is nice and crispy.

My dining companion orders the crazy maki $9.50, shrimp tempura, tempura bits, cucumber, avocado, and wasabi tobiko. (upper right) The unagi (eel)$6 (top left) and  Hamachi (yellow tail) $6 (bottom left).

The sodas come in glass bottles, so no free refills here, and they are $3 each. The food here is pretty good-a lot of sushi has been consumed in these past few weeks-so I have things to compare it to fresh in my mind. Osushi is the middle of the road for me, not great but not bad.


10 Huntington Ave

Boston MA 02116


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