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Located in the South End, across the street from Myers and Chang is Oishii. If you don’t know where it is, you might very well drive past it. I had heard my friend talk about it for months now, so I decided we would go together and I could finally see what all the fuss was about. They have a bar area in the front, a main dining room with booths as well as seats at the Sushi bar, and another dining room beyond that.

The decor is modern, with clean lines, dark and sophisticated. It is pretty busy for a weekday night and the service is still excellent.

We start with the broiled edamame ($6). Our waitress highly recommends getting it this way. It’s…different. Yes, the smokey flavor is nice but it was a little messy. Black char all over our fingers and even some on our face. They are however perfectly cooked-just the right firmness.

Next we move on to the sushi, I apologize in advance for the poor photos…it was so dark inside. Pictured above is the Sashimi Maki ($20). Excellent presentation. Bluefin Tuna, King Salmon, Yellowtail, Mutzu wrapped in Cucumber-no rice. Really excellent flavors-they serve all their sushi at room temperature. the cucumber adds this nice clean crispness to the sushi-it’s almost refreshing (if that makes sense).

Crispy Shrimp Maki ($10). Shrimp Tempura with Crispy Rice Cracker Dots and Unagi Sauce.  Excellent. The tempura was crisp and light as can be.

Spicy Tuna Tempura ($13.00) Bluefin Tuna Sashimi, Fleur De Sel, Chives, wrapped with seaweed. Another excellent dish. I love the textures in this roll, and the saltiness really comes through-but it’s not overpowering.

The sashimi comes out on top of bowls of ice, lit up by a different colored light in the bottom of the dish. The presentation of all the dishes is excellent and the service is top notch. I really enjoyed my meal here and look forward to going back.

For dessert we had the Red Bean Creme Brulee ($10). Basically creme brulee with red beans inside. Interesting….to say the least. It came with a scoop of ice cream and fresh berries on the side. Jury is still out if I actually like red beans in my creme brulee.


1166 Washington Street

Boston MA 02118


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