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I find it amusing that the Meat House in Brookline is located next to a health club. Regardless, I love this place. It became even more fantastic when they had a groupon, $20 for $40 worth of food.

They sell much more than meat at the Meat House. In addition to a fresh meat case, they have freshly baked breads, baked goods, specialty items, wine and beer, pasta, crackers etc.

Here are a few things that I love from the Meat House:

Terra Cotta Pasta ($6.95). The black bean and cheddar sounds like a weird combination, I know, but it’s quite tasty. You can really taste the black beans, the cheddar not so much, and there’s a little kick to it. I love it with just butter, the package suggests serving it with salsa (maybe the corn salsa from Trader Joes would be good with it!!)

First time trying the potato gnocchi ($4.95). Haven’t made it yet…but I have high hopes.

The roasted asparagus ravioli is quite good ($6.95)-makes me feel like I’m sneaking in my veggies.

The wild mushroom ravioli ($7.25) has a really great earthy flavor to it. I also love this ravioli plain with butter.

Here they are cooked.

Grilled chicken and corn chowder. I was told that this is a new item at the Meat House. Really nice flavor to it, with lots of “stuff” in it-a thick and hearty soup.

By “stuff” I mean chicken, corn, peppers and potatoes. It smells wonderful when you’re heating it up!

Emily’s Baked goods are popular here. Emily’s Bakery is located in Haverhill, MA and they sell to all the Meat House locations.

I bought the chocolate chip cookies ($4.50) and they are actually a bit lighter than they appear in the picture above. They are just so-s0. I wouldn’t crave them.

I buy the meat house marinated chicken (see first picture in blog) quite often (I’m sparing you the picture of raw meat). It has a really great flavor to it, and a little bit of spice. One recipe I like to make with it is pan fried garlic noodles with the chicken-the garlic from the noodles and the spice from the chicken go really well together. Pictured above is the Meat House chicken with snow peas, pan fried noodles (from H-Mart), and shiitake mushrooms.

You can get these crackers at most major grocery stores..I happened to see them at the Meat House and it reminded me of a great appetizer. Take one wasabi cracker, and add on top a slice of feta cheese and a slice of avocado. SO tasty!

If you have the scvngr application on your phone, check in here and get 15% off your total order!!

The Meat House

1285 Beacon Street
Coolidge Corner
Brookline, MA 02446
Open Daily 9am – 8pm

Telephone: (617) 739-9300

Free parking while you shop at the Meat House. If the Meat House is on your right, continue past the store to the next street on your right. Take a right onto Charles Street and the garage is immediately to your right.

See website for other locations. Locations in Massachusetts include

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