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I’m not a fan of chain restaurants-there, I said it. I was over in Legacy Place in Dedham doing some errands and called a friend of mine to see if she wanted dinner. There are some great places in Legacy place-Aquitane, PF Changs, The MET bar, Legal C Bar etc. Instead she offers up the Outback in Randolph. *sigh* Heart….sinking. I reluctantly agree, feeling like I should be a good sport and less of a food snob. So I head over there, and when I walk in at 7:30 there’s a wait of 45 minutes to an hour. Seriously? So we find a seat in the bar. I have their chicken artichoke flatbread-‘crisp flatbread with grilled chicken, chopped spinach and artichoke, freshly grated parmesan cheese and drizzled with pure olive oil’. Good thing it was only like $5 or I might have been disappointed. It’s basically a tortilla, crisped up with spinach dip on top. I’m thinking to myself, if I wanted to consume 8000 calories, I want it to be on something worthwhile-fine cheese, fresh pasta, fresh baked bread etc…..not Outback spinach dip.

So then we get the Cinnamon Oblivion. And I have to say that even though my dinner was sub-par…they do whip up a fine dessert! It’s a limited time dessert consisting of vanilla ice cream topped with warm cinnamon apples, cinnamon croutons, pecans, caramel sauce and whipped cream. Now THIS is calories well spent. While I don’t understand why they put strawberries on this dessert…I quickly breeze past them and go for the ice cream drenched in caramel sauce. Ours didn’t have ‘cinnamon croutons’ but the pecans were quite tasty-they’re candied…can you just feel the cavity coming on? I almost forget that I was pouting over dinner after I take a bite of this dessert….almost.

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