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Back to the H Mart. Second time around and the parking was still awful. People stalking other people for spots, traffic backed up on to the main road. In the end though, it’s worth it.

The food court seems less crowded this time, although we’ve already eaten. Bummer.

I head over the the Korean BBQ section and pick up some marinated beef rib-eye to make bul kogi. For the most part the meat is lean but there is one chunk that is pure fat. The marinade is really tasty-you could eat the beef all by itself. I add a few scallions to the mix.

Then, it’s over to the noodle section. Here are the things that we picked out:

I used these cooked noodles ($1.79) in a soup that I made with the chicken from the Meat House. They are just like lo-mein noodles. They just take a few minutes to warm up because they are already cooked.

These yaki soba noodles ($2.99) come in 3- single serve packets. They are just like the ramen you ate in college. Heat the noodles up with a little water, stir fry some veggies and add on the spice packet and you have a more adult ramen meal!

I love these pan fried noodles ($1.79) because they are so versatile. I used them in with chicken from the Meat House for a stir fry and have made garlic noodles from them. They are pre cooked so you just need to heat them up in a pan.

I bought these pot-stickers last time I went to H-Mart but cooked them up recently. Couldn’t be easier. Brown the dumplings with a little oil in a pan, pout in a little water, cover and let cook for a few minutes. Really nice flavor to them (these are the beef dumplings).

And just because I think it’s amusing, look at the bottom left corner where it says “Product of the USA”!!


3 Old Concord Road, Burlington MA, 781-221-4570

Open 8am-9pm

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