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New England Soup Factory has two locations, one in Newton and one in Brookline. Both do a booming business-the one in Newton-try to go there at lunch time….forget about it. Mobbed! They opened in 1995 and have been going non stop ever since. They have won numerous awards and have been featured on a bunch of tv shows.

There’s usually a line but it moves quickly. Here’s a partial menu:

Every Day We Offer:
Our Triple Strength Chicken Vegetable, Chili Con Carne, Clam and Corn Chowder and Lobster Newburg. Beef Stew and Chicken Pot Pie are also served daily, Sept. – May.
Plus 4 alternating selections from over 150 varieties!

A bowl is  12 oz. for $4.75 and you get 1 roll; a pint is 16 oz. for $4.95 and you get 2 rolls; and a quart is 32 oz. for $10.50 and you get 3 rolls. You have your choice of white or wheat roll. The price for chili is the same as above. The price for stews and lobster newburg is $5.50 for a bowl, $8.20 for a pint and $14.20 for a quart. You can also get Matzoh Balls $1.50 each; Side Noodles $1.50 each; Extra French Roll $0.50 each.

Here are some sample menu items: Puree Root Vegetable, Curried Crab and Coconut, Split Pea with Spinach, Sweet Potato with Carmelized Onion, Spicy Shrimp and Rice, Tomato Butternut, Yellow Tomato and Rice, Baked Potato and Chive, Wild Mushroom Barley, Tomato Crab Bisque, Hearty Beef Vegetable, Greek Orzo Lemon and Chicken, Sweet Potato and Chicken Barley, African Chicken and Peanut, Corn Chowder with Roasted Red Pepper and Vegetarian Lentil.

The lobster bisque is so creamy and smooth.

This is the cheddar and corn chowder. Super thick and creamy, with corn and potatoes, and bits of bacon. Really nice smokey flavor with a kick of heat at the end. It’s a hearty soup-there are a lot of good fillers inside, not just the soup!

They have freshly baked goods-their cookies are excellent. I like their brown sugar cookies, but the one pictured above is their oatmeal raisin, made with golden raisins! Really nice sweet flavor from the raisins, nice spices and the cookie is fresh and chewy.

Looking for something other than soup? Try one of their delicious sandwiches, you can even get some as a half sandwich. They are pre-made though…so it’s tough luck if you don’t want tomatoes. And I’m pretty sure at lunch time people would glare at you for holding up the line….

This is the Grilled Chicken and Avocado — $3.75 each half, $7.25 whole; “Armenian lavash bread is spread with Boursoin Cheese. We then add baby greens, juicy tomato and marinated sliced grilled chicken breast and top it with avocado slices.” One of my favorite sandwiches here-although make sure you get it at peak lunch time because if it sits too long, it can get a little soggy. A really nice blend of flavors, and I love Boursoin cheese. So there is a creamy texture from the cheese and the avocado, and crunch from the lettuce-along with juicy tomatoes-really nice combination of textures.

If you don’t want to wait in line, they have pre-packaged soups in the freezer case and  they have side salads for a grab and go kind of lunch. Stop in, and pick up some lunch, or even one of their cookbooks.

New England Soup Factory (Photos and meal are from this location)
2-4 Brookline Place
Brookline, MA 02445
Soupline 617.739.1899
Phone 617.739.1695
Fax 617.739.7342
New England Soup Factory on Urbanspoon

New England Soup Factory
244 Needham Street
Newton, MA 02464
Soupline 617.558.9988
Phone 617.558.9966
Fax 617.558.9927

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