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The Christmas festival is in its 24th season this year, open Frisday, Saturday and Sunday only. 300 artists come and show their goods here-you can find almost anything here: jewelry, clothing, food products, toys, ornaments, puzzles, stained glass and more. I’ve been going for years now-here are some of my favorite things…and some new things that I found this year.

Every year they have a gingerbread house competition. You can bid on them and bring one home!

The Flinstones!!

This year I picked up a gift at Color in Kids. You kids color in on the shirt, with non toxic markers, wear them, and then you throw them in the wash-like magic the color washes away. $14 for 1, 2 for $25. Cute idea for kids.

Judy’s dough ornaments. She has been coming to the festival for years now. She makes all kinds of ornaments, ones with professions, and pictured above, bears in college colors. You can get any of the ornaments personalized while you wait. $12.95 each or $13.95 with a stand. I like to glue a magnet on the back and put them on the fridge. You can check out her website, but her business is done mainly at craft shows.

I love this! It’s from Luke Adams Handblown Glass (416 Lenox Street #2, Norwood, MA 02062. Phone 781-688-1521). His website is He has some great sun catchers, above, in the shapes of stars, hearts, chili peppers etc. They are $17 each-see website for other pictures and prices.

The Gingerbread Construction Company makes handmade gingerbread, gourmet muffins and cookies, delicious brownies, and traditional italian biscotti. Products are shippable throughout the US.

I first learned about this next place at the festival, but in between festivals, I frequently check out their shop. They make great gingerbread cookies, gingerbread houses and excellent muffins.

They have two locations:

Blueberry raspberry-the best of both worlds. Really moist muffin, sweet and tart berries. Great bits of crumble on top. See the website for other flavors-they are only available in the store, no mail order. Other flavors I love are the strawberry shortcake-yellow cake with strawberries and whipped cream; the corn muffin, so basic, but yet so perfect-corn muffins can be dry, but not these; and the lemon poppy-lemon filling, tangy and moist-excellent. I highly suggest stopping by the store for the muffins.
The food selection at the festival is excellent, candy apples, fudge, hot sauces, and cupcakes. I loved that my new favorite bakery Cakes was there selling their goods. Follow them on twitter and see my other posts about them: and
So stop by this weekend-go to the website for a coupon for $2 off admission Regular admission is $12 for adults.

Christmas Festival

Set your gps to 22 Seaport Blvd. Boston MA

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