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I love Clear Flour Bread! Every time I go there, I remember just why I love it so much, yet I forget about it from time to time-out of sight out of mind I suppose. Clear Flour is located at 178 Thorndike Street in Brookline, in a residential neighborhood. The smells of the freshly baked bread make you think that you are walking the streets of France instead of Brookline. They specialize in breads from France and Italy, made fresh every morning , from scratch.

It is usually crowded, and it is tiny inside, only 3 or 4 people can stand comfortably….and on the weekends? Forget it. Line out the door and around the block. Clear Flour also attends the Brookline Farmers Market held on Thursdays. (Brookline Farmer’s Market: Thursday’s, June 17th through October 28th, 2010; Rain or Shine; 1:30 p.m. to Dusk) “Come join us on Thursdays, at the Centre Street West Parking Lot behind the Coolidge Corner Theatre, Brookline, as we’ll have a variety of breads and pastry for sale. Old favorites include, German Rye and Fire Roasted Tomato rolls, along with our Chocolate Chunk Cookies, Scones and Shortcake Biscuits. Other stands at the market will be offering handmade ice cream, goat cheese, organic produce and even fresh eggs. So, join us rain or shine whether your buying for dinner or simply for an afternoon snack!”

Today I bought chocolate chip cookies. They’re huge!
I  bought a few chocolate macaroons. They look like they will be heavy-but are actually brownie like in consistency on the inside. They are rich in chocolate flavor with coconut mixed it. I’d be impressed if you could eat more than one!
And these are called financiers,which is a French cake. They are cake like in texture, light and airy. They have a rich buttery smell to them, and you can see the specks of vanilla bean throughout. There are a few cranberries on top and it is dusted with powdered sugar. Amazing.
I bought a whole wheat loaf-isn’t it  work of art? “With a consistent crumb and thinner crust, this is an ideal bread for sandwiches and toast organic whole wheat flour, winter wheat flour, organic graham flour (coarse whole wheat), water, honey, salt, yeast.” I bought the pan loaf but it also comes as rolls.
And a rustic Italian in the family round style (it also comes in rustic round, pave, and roll styles). “crunchy crust veiled with flour and a smoky flavor (baked at 500 degrees!) chewy interior and big irregular holes unbleached unbromated winter wheat flour (enriched with malted barley flour, niacin, iron, thiamin mononitrate, riboflavin, folic acid), water, *organic whole wheat flour, salt, yeast (*grown in accordance with the California Organic Foods Act of 1990)) I love this bread-it has a nice crust on the outside and is really light and airy on the inside. It was super fresh-for a carb lover like me, nothing beats just baked bread!
Not only do their breads taste good, but they are beautiful to look at.
Went again the following morning to grab breakfast for a few friends. It was certainly more crowded.
The morning sticky bun looked like it could be a bit dry by the looks of the outside-however, it was light and flakey on the inside, like a croissant, and had just the right amount of sweetness. The nuts were on the top as well as on the inside.
The morning buns also come without nuts.
And the chocolate croissant. Light and flakey-so delicious!
And finally, the chocolate pudding cake. Quite delicate. Yet when you cut it open, while it doesn’t ooze, the inside consistency is much more moist and dense than the outside.
Lightly dusted with powdered sugar, it doesn’t need anything else, although it would be great with vanilla ice cream. It is quite rich, so have some milk close at hand!
Clear Flour Bread
187 Thorndike Street
Brookline, MA
Mon-Fri 8am – 8pm; Sat & Sun 9am – 7pm 

We are open every day except Thanksgiving, the day after, Christmas and the day after.

They accept Master card and Visa

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