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Vanash Tube

So, I wanted to talk about this product that my dad helped develop-Vanash. It is a grease-less moisturizer-proven to be extremely effective in keeping your skin hydrated.

What is Vanash good for?

  • diabetic foot care
  • sports related chafing
  • a base for makeup
  • cracked heels or elbows
  • dry cuticles
  • post laser treatment care

Who uses Vanash?

  • doctors
  • nurses
  • estheticians
  • athletes
  • supermodels (see below)

TCI_Chrishell_POSTER (offer only valid for tubes sold in the Turks and Caicos)

Here’s what’s great about this product-it works! And even better, for every tube you buy, we will donate a dollar to charity!

Liz Walker, a member of the Vanash team is pictured above with William (from W Salon-617-236-2230-located at 169 W Springfield St # A Boston, MA 02118) at a Vanash party for Salon owners.

Where can I buy Vanash?

Where can I learn more about Vanash?

  • on Facebook-check out videos on how to apply Vanash, see photos of our display in the Turks and Caicos IGA, and see ML Carr in a video about diabetic foot care (Yes! He’s part of the Vanash team!)
  • on Daily Grommet’s Citizen’s Gallery you will have to search for our product-we are close to the end, in between the ‘rock it’ speakers and the 3 in 1 glove.

What are people saying about Vanash?

  • “I’ve always had eczema, and I’ve bought practically every moisturizer on earth, looking for something that would work. Vanash is life-changing–my skin isn’t nearly as symptomatic, and I’ve cut way down on using steroids. It’s seriously amazing!”
    – – Lily B.
  • “I got the samples and I LOVE the product! I used it before bed on my arms, hands and lips… thought it was a fabulous product and loved the fact that it was virtually odorless. Also gave some out to the chicas in my office and they too agreed it was a fabulous product. They used it during the day, but agreed that it would be an ideal night time lotion to use prior to sleeping. I thought it also made a great lip balm!” – – Lisa S
  • “I have been using Vanash for a few weeks now and will continue to use it moving forward.”
    – – Peter S
  • “Initially I used it as a hand cream, but now I use it for everything from a hand cream to a lip balm! It also works well under my makeup since it is so quickly absorbed. It is a fantastic, versatile product. I have become so dependent upon it I had to purchase a second tube so I could have constant access – one at work and one at home!!” – – Maureen M
  • “I love it, especially for use on my heels and my elbows… I have been using Vanash each night at bedtime and it is amazing. I love the silky feel that it leaves once I have worked it into my skin.”
    – – Joan R
  • After a Fraxel treatment I used Vanash on one side of my neck and [a leading brand] on the other side. The difference between the two was noticeable. With Vanash, my skin stayed extremely well hydrated. It was much smoother than with the [other brand]. I liked the Vanash so much that I actually started using it on my face and hands. It’s a great product!”
    – – Joellen C
  • I have used Vanash for various skin solutions and it has worked for almost everything! The best use is with a sunburn–I burn quickly and turn bright red. I applied Vanash over my shoulders, face, and feet. Not only was it soothing, but I never peeled after the first application!! I will never go out without this product again!!”
    – – Cara J
  • “I got your sample from a friend. He said to try it and I did. I have always had dry skin on my hands and am always looking for a new lotion to try. After a few uses, Vanash has done the trick. My hands look great and feel great dispite the cold temperatures in Boston.”
    LOVE IT. – – Wanda B
  • “I just ordered 2, and will give one to my manicurist. All the spas need to know about this product.
    – – Blanche E. S
  • “I’d been using petroleum jelly on my feet – which get very dry and then tend to crack and bleed unless I moisturize them – and slipped twice… pretty bad falls. With Vanash there’s no greasy residue on the bottom of my feet to cause falls, and I don’t have to wear socks to bed to keep from ruining my sheets. Can’t imagine a better moisturizing cream for my feet. I was impressed to hear that Vanash is just as good as petroleum jelly at moisture retention. Great stuff.”
    – –
    Debora P, Los Angeles, California
  • “I recently had my first rejuvenating chemical peel. Afterwards, I had a lot of burning and irritation. I thought I might end up with scars, but all I did was apply Vanash twice a day for three days. It immediately soothed the burning sensation. I feel that Vanash prevented me from having cracked and broken skin that could have caused scarring.” – – Kristen B, Nurse Practitioner
  • I wash my hands a lot on a daily basis (not because I’m OCD, but because of my job!) so naturally my hands get pretty dry. Vanash is the first moisturizer I’ve used that helps stave off the dry hands without leaving them greasy and smelling like a perfume store. –Jesse W., Doctor
  • So I recently got a tube of Vanash from a friend, and love it. By the end of call my hands usually feel really dried out, and my cuticles look awful, but Vanash has been a perfect new edition to my call-bag! It’s not too thick/greasy, and it works and continues to last throughout the night. –Stephanie B., Doctor

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