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Katie and I always have good conversations, mainly about food. She was telling me that the Stop and Shop near her office on Harvard Avenue in Brookline has these great rolls-the Miami roll. Located in the bakery section, these are rolls in the case, baked by Stop and Shop. I have to say that I rarely enter this section of the market, but after hearing Katie talk about how great these rolls were…I just had to see for myself. These rolls are dense (the ones that you can get in front of the deli counter are much fluffier) and have this wonderful layer of onions inside the roll(I think that the lighter ones taste better than the darker, over cooked ones). The reminded me of when I used to have bialy‘s as a kid, they came with a layer of onions in the hole in the center- don’t you love foods that remind you of your childhood? Katie loves to dip these rolls into cheddar and broccoli soup, I have yet to try it this way. I happen to like egg salad on these rolls. Frankly, they taste great on their own ( I would know, I ate the two I bought in one sitting). I emailed Katie the next day and cursed her for turning me on to these great rolls (but in a good way) and she told me that the onions count as one daily serving of vegetables (love that positive outlook)! HA.

On a side note, I was telling my father about these great rolls I had just tried and how he just HAD to try them too….he listened intently and then said, “oh yeah, those Miami rolls, at Stop and Shop, I love them, been getting them for years!” Thanks dad for filling me in on the secret of the delicious onion roll. So now I’m passing along the secret to you. What are your other favorite foods, baked by a supermarket?

Here are some of my favorite supermarket finds:

Roche Brothers/Sudbury farms has some of the best muffins I’ve had. They are large in size as well as in calorie count but are worth that splurge! They are displayed in a cute cart near the baked goods section. The muffin above is coffee cake. Sweet and sugary crumbles on top as well as dots of cinnamon throughout the inside. This is more of a light and fluffy cake muffin-and on the sweet side-as opposed to a more dense/less sweet, doughier muffin.

The blueberries in this muffin are SO sweet and there is a nice sugar crust on top. I love just the muffin tops-they are just a little crunchy which is what I love about them, the underside is all cakey-which, lets face it, isn’t that bad either.

Finally the cranberry muffin. It also has a nice sugar crust on the top and the cranberries are so tart! Love them!!

Keeping with the carb theme-the scali rolls are excellent-super fresh, with an airy inside-so light that you almost don’t have to worry about all those cabs (almost!) It comes with and without sesame seeds and is found in the bins of the bakery section.

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