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We stopped in for late night pizza one night after the movies-it was dead inside. The woman at the counter said that they have a huge lunch crowd (ie. BU students) and then it dies down at night.

So we grab three slices, yes my friends, the picture above is 3 slices (one slice is fourth of their giant pizza). Not much of a selection late at night, but two slices of pepperoni and a slice of sausage with banana peppers. For what Sal’s pizza is, it’s not a bad slice-chewy crust, good amount of cheese and not a lot of grease. If you are looking for gourmet pizza, with premium ingredients, this is NOT your spot-head over to an Upper Crust Pizza location. If you’re a financially challenged college student looking for a quick slice without having to walk too far outside of your Warren Towers dorm room, this isn’t a bad find (just be careful of that freshman 15, it WILL happen if you eat here every night).

Sal’s Pizza

714 Commonwealth Avenue Boston MA 617.236.4664

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