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I must say, I really do love Lavender. I hope they survive, and I say that because every time we are in there for lunch (I can’t attest to their dinner crowd), it is pretty quiet, we are usually the only table (or there may be one or two other tables but that’s it). As I mentioned, we go for the lunch special, you can’t beat it. You know how when you go to Chinese food places, you want a little bit of everything (thus the pu pu platter-greatest invention ever) …well the lunch special is where it’s at. For $8-$12 you get: 1)your choice of white rice, brown rice, pork fried rice or veggie lo mein 2) your choice of crab rangoon, egg roll, chicken finger or chicken wing 3) your choice of wonton soup, egg drop soup, hot and sour soup or miso soup 4)a house salad (dine in only) and your entree (there are over 20 choices).

There is main dining room area, with a mural of the Great Wall of China spanning the entire room. On the far side, there is a ‘sports  bar’ area where you can grab a bite and watch the game on an LCD tv above the bar.

There is something about the wonton soup that is crave-worthy. They make the wontons fresh in house. They are wonderfully simple-I can’t explain it, they are just perfect. If you can do a simple dish well, that speaks volumes.

I’m partial to the General Tso Chicken, pork fried rice, egg roll, and salad for $8.95. It’s a ton of food, and I usually have enough for a second meal (although I shamelessly admit that I order a large wonton soup to go too!). The food is good-it’s old school Chinese food without the grease (and they have some fusion items as well).

They have great service, the waiters and host are always friendly. They also offer karaoke on Thursday, Friday and Saturday nights from 9pm-1am (over 35,000 songs). So stop in for a lunch special-you won’t be sorry.


519 Boston Post Road Sudbury MA (978) 579-9988

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