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Our friends got married this summer and they got their cake at Ivy’s. I thought they sounded familiar-but I had never been to Canton or Braintree for cakes. When I walked in the door I remembered that I had seen them featured on the Phantom Gourmet-they have a replica cake that they made for them on display.

Ivy’s is an ‘old school’ bakery. They carry a variety of cakes and cookies, slices of cakes, mini pastries, biscotti, cannolis, muffins etc. You have the option of dining in, but the majority of the business is take out.

Ivy’s cakes are decorated in an old school style (see above). If you are looking for a wedding cake or don’t want frosting flowers, they can order sugar flowers and spray them any color you like. What their cakes lack in sophistication, they more than make up for in taste. They have this cannoli filling that is TO DIE FOR!! The cake (above) is a layer of chocolate cake and a layer of gold cake (best of both worlds) sandwiching the cannoli filling with butter cream frosting on the outside. The cannoli filling tastes even better if you get it with the mini chocolate chips inside (the wedding cake our friends had was amazing!) Let me tell you-I’ve tried a lot of cake in my day and Ivys has some of the moistest cake I have ever had.

(another birthday cake)

(the wedding cake our friend’s got from Ivy)

So make sure to try the cannoli filled cakes (you have to special order that flavor) or any other type of cake-you won’t be disappointed! The cakes are by far the best thing offered at this bakery out of all the desserts they sell.

Ivys Fine Cakes and Bakery

Canton Village Shops 95 Washington Street Canton MA 781 575 1110

Granite Plaza 95 Granite Street Braintree MA 781 356 8900

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