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I reviewed Cuttys back in March I had been meaning to try their pork sandwich, which they only serve on Saturdays, but the timing has just never been right. Until last weekend….

What made me remember I wanted to go there, was a tweet they sent out, linking to a facebook photo of them roasting the pork. Nothing like a picture to get you salivating for pork.

We both got the pork fennel sandwich ($8.75) slow roasted pork, picked fennel  and roasted garlic on a sesame seed roll. As you can see above, the pork is sliced deli meat thin…and the fennel is amazing. It’s got a hint of spice (some people compare it to anise) but mainly you get that sweet/sour pickle flavor along with a great crunch. This may be my new favorite sandwich. Add along side it their home made potato chips and a brown butter cookie (that costs less than a buck!) and you are good to go.

On a side note, I heard from a friend that the coffee is amazing-apparently they French press the coffee and add the ice when you get there, keeping it nice and strong. But keep in mind that this report is unconfirmed….I’ll have to go back and see for myself-preferably on a Saturday!

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