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So we roll over to Tasty Burger on a weekday night, and it’s freezing outside. We order our burgers and wait outside in the parking lot at the take out window for about 15 minutes. Our shakes come before the food, so we add to the chill by slurping down our milkshakes while we wait. We then regret not sitting down for dinner inside.

Popular offerings are a single or double burger and shafts which are their own 1/2lb hot dogs. We order a ‘bag of burgers’ which has 5 inside, a single burger and a mushroom burger-along with 3 drinks: vanilla shake, strawberry shake and a lime mint slushie. Total: $54. Yikes! For a take out window…for 3 people…and then we remember that that’s for 7 burgers and 3 drinks, doesn’t seem so bad then…

The burgers are flat patty style, grilled to order, on a sesame seed bun. Not bad….but was hoping to be wowed.

Shakes were good…fries were crisp on the outside yet mushy on the inside.

The mushroom burger was good, although a little heavy on the a-1 steak sauce, and where was the swiss cheese??

Burger places are popping up all over the place. This place has potential, but you have to wonder how a take out window with no cover is going to survive in this New England weather. Perhaps they should consider heat lamps or some sort of tent for when it rains/snows. On that note, the inside is pretty cool looking: inside of an old garage (isn’t that all the rage these days) houses some casual tables, a bar, and some flat screen tv’s. This place definitely calls for another try at some point…

I saw this post on Grub Street which is part of the reason that made me want to try this place:

What to Eat at Tasty Burger, Bringing Jalapeño Burgers to Fenway

Tasty Burger, the burger joint from the folks behind Franklin Cafe and the forthcoming Citizen, is now open near Fenway Park and we’ve got the menu for your perusal. The obvious point of comparison here is New York’s Shake Shack: flat patty burgers available single or double. Tasty Burger, however, offers a wider variety of toppings than the Shack, from spicy jalapeño, cheddar, scallion and olives, to pineapple and teriyaki sauce. In addition to the burgers, there’s sandwiches, a slushy-focused beverage list, and an ample selection of hot dogs, called shafts, which is pretty hilarious for a restaurant just down the block from Machine.

Single Or Double – Beef Tenderloin Burger served with iceberg and tomato on a sesame seed bun 4.00 6.00; add slice of cheese .50; add bacon 1.00; add extra patty 2.00
Sack Of Five Hamburgers Or Cheeseburgers take away only 18.00 21.00
Spicy Jalapeño cheddar, scallion, olive 7.00
Blue Collar batter fried patty, honey mustard 7.00
Big Kahuna pineapple, grilled red onion, teriyaki sauce 7.00
Gorgonzola melted blue cheese 7.00
Mushroom sautéed mushroom, a-1 steak sauce, swiss 7.00
Onion Burger cheese, caramelized & crispy fried 7.00
Butta Burger creamy vermont butter 7.00
Turkey Burger chipotle mayo, grilled red onion 7.00
Veggie Burger homemade, loaded with veggies 7.00

Special Sandwiches $7
Organic Chicken grilled, parm or buffalo

Fish Fry cheese, tartar, shredded lettuce

North Ender handmade grilled sausage, roast onion & pepper

Our Own Half Pound Char Grilled Hot Dog
Boston Dog zesty red pepper relish 8.00
Coney Island chili, chopped onion, celery salt 8.00
Zum Zum house sauerkraut & grain mustard 8.00
Chi Town chopped salad, pickle 8.00
All The Way burger, dog, bacon, chili, cheese 12.00

Greek romaine, tomato, feta, olives 6.00; Caesar romaine, croutons, homemade dressing 6.00; Thai Chicken lettuce, noodles, scallion, sesame dressing 8.00; Hamburger Salad garden salad with grilled burger patty 7.00

Side Items
Nitro Nuggets plain or spicy fried organic chicken, ranch 6.00; Hummus, Guacamole & Chips all homemade, even the tortilla 6.00; Pile Of Onion Strings fried thinly sliced sweet onion 4.00; Hand Cut French Fries 4.00 add sausage gravy or chili cheese 2.00; 50/50 Fries & Rings 4.00

Shakes, Drinks & Slushies
Black & White Shake 5.00; Green Monster Shake 5.00; Vanilla, Strawberry, Coffee, Or Chocolate Shake 5.00; Lime-Mint Slushie 4.00; Lemonade Slushie 4.00; Raspberry-Rickey Slushie 4.00; Soda sm 1.50 lg 2.25

Beer Mug / Pitcher: Budweiser 3.75 13.00; Bud Light 3.75 13.00; Bass 5.00 18.00; Harpoon IPA 5.00 18.00; Hoegaarden 5.50 20.00; Stella 5.50 20.00

Mix A Six Of Cans Daily Selections On Chalkboard

Wine Glass / Bottle. Daily Selections On Chalkboard

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