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Stop in on the weekend for the pajama brunch (offered on Saturday and Sunday)…but go early because it fills up quickly. On nice days you can sit outside on the patio but the day I went-it was humid with scattered thunderstorms. There are only about 60 seats in the restaurant. I have to say that I did not wear pajamas, and sort of glad I didn’t because no one else there (besides the servers) was wearing them.

We had the special pancakes-pina colada ($10.50). Sounds suspect I know-but it was delicious. They were white chocolate pancakes with this mango chutney and coconut whipped cream. It was sweet but not too sweet- just enough to satisfy what your sweet tooth is craving. We also had the plain Jane scramble ($8.50) with home fries, toast and bacon.

As an added bonus someone had an extra pop tart and we got it! This isn’t your average pop tart from the box-it was warm cookie goodness. I’m still thinking about it! The dough was light, the jam inside was sweet-and just the right amount, and to top it off frosting and colored sprinkles on the outside.

For two of us to eat, it was $24. I like it! They had a lot of great options-and I find that it’s hard to find a great brunch spot-so I highly recommend checking it out. Just keep in mind that parking in the South End can be difficult, especially on the weekend due to church and no incentive to move from the meters on Sunday…

Tremont 647

647 Tremont Street Boston Massachusetts

617 266 4600

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