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Max and Dylan’s is where the old West Street Bar used to be-around the corner from the Boston Common movie theater. It is weird to go there and see the place with the lights on when you remember the sketchy things that happened there in the dark.

The decor is a little odd while you are eating-provocative photos on the wall probably aren’t appropriate for children or those that are a little more conservative.

They have a great buffalo chicken dip ($9.50). It comes with tri colored tortilla chips-creamy and cheesy with big chunks of spicy chicken inside-a total crowd pleaser.

They have a nice variety of mac and cheeses-lobster($16), pearl hot dog ($12), plain (9.50), prosciutto and buffalo chicken. The pasta is corkscrews and really puts your standard kraft to shame. It is super creamy-make sure to mix it all up because sometimes the cheese settles on the bottom-and it has a great cracker crust. It doesn’t look like enough when you get the bowl, but by the time you dig in, you realize that you just can’t finish it! The lobster mac and cheese has a decent amount of lobster in it-no complaints here.

The place is definitely a bar scene-but the food is more upscale than your typical pub fare.

They validate parking in the Hyatt hotel around the corner on Lafayette Street. $2 off per hour for the first two hours on weekdays and $10 parking from 4pm-5am.

Max and Dylan’s

15 West Street Boston MA


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