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EVOO has now moved to it’s new location at 350 Third Street in Cambridge.

There isn’t much room to navigate around the tables-that is my only complaint. It’s like when you get sat at a two top and you have to squeeze yourself in and either lean over someone else’s dinner to get into your seat or your rear end has to be in someones face as you try to get into your seat. That’s how it is just trying to GET to your table.

They have an open kitchen which I really liked. There is no room for mistakes because you have to be on all the time.

I lied, another down side is that we were sat at a high two top near the kitchen where most of the staff was lingering…makes it hard to have a good conversation.

The decor is modern and fresh-they have a room that can be sectioned off for private parties.

We shared the fried oysters to start ($11) with goat cheese fondue and apple-bacon salsa. YUM!! I had read a few reviews of the restaurant before I went, and had heard people complain that there was almost too much going on with the flavors in the food. I disagree. The food definitely has bold flavors-but I thought that they melded well with one another. The apples were sweet and crunchy and you had that undertone of a bacon flavor in the background.

For dinner, I had the sirloin ($25) and my dining companion had the scallops ($25). The sirloin came with a cheesey potato croquette, Verrill Farm’s sugar snap peas, Eva’s organic pea greens, smoked sweet onions, Pete’s pickled peppers and habanero hollandaise. The hollandaise was divine! But really how can you ever go wrong with hollandaise? It’s a trick question. They didn’t ask how I wanted me meat cooked-but when I got it, it didn’t matter…it was juicy and delicious even if it was cooked a little longer than my liking. The potato croquette is like an arancini ball, smooth whipped potato on the inside and deep fried on the outside for a crispy exterior.

They do have a $38 ‘home grown menu’ that changes nightly. It offers an appetizer, entree and dessert that features locally grown ingredients.

We had the bread pudding ($9) and the fresh strawberries with whipped cream ($9). The bread pudding was more on the bread side than the pudding side, and the strawberries were par for the course.

The service was acceptable-although the waiter was hard to find at times. A good meal with bold tastes that can satisfy any foodie’s appetite.


350 Third Street Cambridge, Massachusetts


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