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I have only been walking by this place for about 5 years-there really is no excuse for not trying the place. They have a cute patio for outdoor dining when the weather is nice. We happened to go on a day when it was pouring-so we ate inside. The restaurant is partially below ground-and much bigger than it looks from the outside. We were greeted and seated promptly. There are enough rooms and corners that you can easily have a private corner to yourself if it’s not busy. The decor is forgettable-it doesn’t add to your experience.

We were greeted by our waiter with salsa and chips-yum! We then both ordered the burrito azteca-not very creative I know. (Large flour tortilla filled with marinated chicken, rice, chopped tomato, onions, cilantro, topped with cheese and red sauce)

I kid you not-this was the biggest burrito I have ever seen-it may have weighed 5lbs and if you threw it, it could have been used as a deadly weapon. It was pretty tasty…I got 2 meals out of it! It comes with rice and beans with a side cole slaw like salad for $12.95, quite affordable! I walked out with half a burrito and a stuffed stomach-I felt like you had to roll me out.

The burrito was good-perhaps next time I go there I will be a little more adventurous- and hopefully be wowed. But if you are looking for an affordable place that is a step up from your regular burrito joint-this is your spot.

Sol Azteca

914A Beacon Street Brookline, MA 02446

617.262.0909 or call 617.278.2121 for deliveries

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