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The Boston Globe came out with this article today:

2 BU hockey players dismissed, 1 suspended

By Nancy Marrapese-Burrell, Globe Staff  |  May 5, 2010

The 2009-10 season was a very disappointing one for the Boston University men’s hockey team, and yesterday, coach Jack Parker’s year got even worse when he announced he was dismissing a pair of players — brothers Vinny and Victor Saponari — and suspending another — Corey Trivino.

Parker didn’t give specifics of the misdeeds but said they were egregious enough to be dealt with harshly.

“Over a period of time, there have been cumulative instances in which Victor and Vinny Saponari have displayed conduct unbecoming of a Boston University hockey player,’’ said Parker in a statement. “In a related issue, Trivino will be suspended for the early part of next season.’’

The statement did not specify how many games Trivino, a junior next year, will miss.

A source with knowledge of the situation said the players did nothing criminally wrong but violated team rules repeatedly.

Citing numerous unnamed sources, the BU student newspaper, the Daily Free Press, reported that the Saponaris, Trivino, and a fourth player, goalie Adam Kraus, were drinking on St. Patrick’s Day, fewer than 48 hours before the Hockey East semifinals. BU was eliminated in the semifinals by Maine.

Team rules state that the only night players are allowed to drink during the season is Saturday (St. Patrick’s Day was a Wednesday).

Also, Vinny Saponari and Trivino are underage at 20. Victor Saponari and Kraus are 22.

Trivino and Vinny Saponari both were selected in the 2008 NHL draft. Saponari was taken in the fourth round by the Thrashers and Trivino was taken in the second round by the Islanders. 

Here is the link to the article from BU’s student paper:

And here is Saponari’s reaction:

Vinny Saponari ‘shocked’ by dismissal

By Jake Seiner

Sophomore Vinny Saponari, a two-year starter with the Boston University men’s hockey team, said Tuesday he was “shocked” by his dismissal from the Terrier squad earlier that morning.

“I just found out today, like all of you, and I’m pretty shocked, just as shocked as everyone else,” Saponari said. “I didn’t see this coming. I know I’d made some mistakes as far as rules go, but I really didn’t think it would lead to this.”

In a meeting Tuesday morning with BU coach Jack Parker, Saponari was informed that he would be dismissed from the team. Saponari was told by Parker that he was being dismissed for breaking a team drinking rule, and then showing up late to the subsequent team bike ride, which was punishment for breaking the team rules.

“[Parker] said that he didn’t feel like he wanted me on the team anymore,” Saponari said. “I didn’t really have a chance to argue back or give any feedback. I didn’t really have a choice. Our meeting was pretty short, didn’t last very long.”

The team announced the move today in a press release, along with the dismissal of Vinny’s brother, junior Victor Saponari, and with the suspension of sophomore Corey Trivino.

“Over a period of time, there have been cumulative instances in which Victor and Vinny Saponari have displayed conduct unbecoming of a Boston University hockey player,” Parker said in the press release.

The team has declined to comment further on the matter.

Monday, The Daily Free Press reported that Victor Saponari would be kicked off the team, and Vinny Saponari and Trivino would receive suspensions for their involvement in a drinking incident less than 48 hours before a Hockey East playoff game against the University of Maine.

When asked about the drinking incident, Saponari declined to comment further on the matter, but did confirm that he had been out drinking on a night that he was not allowed to be.

“There was a drinking rule that was broken earlier during the year, and then I was late to a bike ride, and that was pretty much it really,” Saponari said.

The move comes after a disappointing 18-17-3 season for the Terriers. Parker often cited the team’s poor focus and drive as reasons for the unsatisfactory year.

“Yeah, definitely,” Saponari said when asked if he felt he’d been made an example of. “I guess what better example to your team that you’re serious than to kick off a player who’s played a lot of games.

“To me, do I think it’s justified? No. I love this team, and I wasn’t ready to leave. I made a mistake or two since I’ve been here, but I didn’t feel like I was a bad thing for the team, or any kind of bad influence. To me, it’s unjust, to [Parker], maybe not.”

Recently, a video of Saponari and teammate Corey Trivino, who was suspended from the squad for an undisclosed number of games to open the 2010-11 season, began circulating on the Internet. The video, titled, “Party like a puckstar,” features Trivino and Saponari remaking the Shop Boyz’ “Party Like a Rock Star,” but with re-written, inappropriate lyrics.

“[Parker] said that wasn’t a factor in his decision,” Saponari said. “I can’t imagine that being true because the only other two things I’ve done was when I went out on a night we’re not supposed to and was late to a bike ride. I can’t understand how that didn’t play a part.”

Saponari said he and Trivino initially recorded the song for their own enjoyment. The pair shared the song only with one of their teammates, and never intended for the video to wind up online.

“I think the teammate we shared it with shared it with other people, and me and Corey weren’t aware of that,” Saponari said. “It wasn’t the teammate who posted online. I know they wouldn’t do that. Unfortunately for us, it happened that way, and really blew out of proportion from being something we were doing while we were bored in our dorm room to people taking offense to it. We’re definitely sorry about that.”

Saponari said that a few weeks ago, just after the end of the season, he and Parker met and discussed Saponari’s role with the team. The meeting, according to Saponari, went well.

“We talked about me being more responsible as a leader and being more committed to the team,” Saponari said. “I agreed that I needed to be and wanted to be, and that was about the gist of it.”

Saponari is still unsure about his hockey future, but said he was considering redshirting through next season and playing at another university.

“I’m really not sure right now,” Saponari said. “I’ve been in contact with my people and my family, trying to figure that out. I just found out today, literally a couple hours ago, so I haven’t really thought about that. I’m just trying to take this all in because this really has been a shock to me.”

And this comes just after a recent BC incident:

Boston College hockey players involved in crash

April 26, 2010

BOSTON –Authorities say three members of Boston College’s national championship hockey team face alcohol charges after the sport utility vehicle they were in was hit by a trolley while making a U-turn across the tracks.

Joe Pesaturo, a spokesman for the Massachusetts Bay Transportation Authority said Monday that freshman hockey players Philip Samuelsson, Patrick Wey and Parker Milner will be summoned to court on charges of being minors in possession of alcohol.

He said five others in the SUV, including BC women’s lacrosse player Jessie Coffield, also will be summoned on minor in possession charges.

Police said it doesn’t appear the driver had been drinking, but alcohol was found in the SUV. No one was seriously hurt in the early Sunday accident.

Seven of the SUV occupants are Boston College students. College officials say they could face disciplinary action. 

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