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I had gone into South End Formaggio and seen these cookies. I bought the Vanilla Sandwich with chocolate cookies and the shortbread cookie. Yum! I had seen Lakota featured on Chronicle and made the trek out to Arlington to try them out. They only take cash or check, $15 a dozen or $1.35 each. Don’t worry, there is a Bank of America across the street if you forget. They have a signature dip or drizzle on every cookie. The cookies themselves are wonderful-buttery and delicious. There is just something I love about shortbread cookies and Lakota does one good shortbread. You can tell from the first bite of your cookie that Lakota uses only the finest ingredients. The flavor of the chocolate dip is so rich. So here are some of the cookies that I picked out:

Walnut Crescent-A little on the dry side but love the flavor combination. They reminded me of cookies that my grandmother used to make me.

Raspberry Linzer-There was just enough jam to cookie ratio going on here.

Tuxedo-This cookie was a  little harder in texture. The cookie had more of a cocoa taste, not very sweet.

Vanilla Cream Sandwich (white chocolate dip-top) (chocolate cookies with milk chocolate dip-bottom) I had the milk chocolate one at South End Formaggio and loved it. This one was a little harder to eat, maybe because it was fresher. The minute you bite in to one of these it breaks up into pieces. The frosting in the middle of the ‘vanilla’ cookie was more like buttercream and was super sweet. While the chocolate cookie’s filling was not as sweet it was more like cake icing. The consistency of the one I had at South End Formaggio was more like an oreo middle.

Chocolate Chip with Walnuts– The cookie was super soft and moist, it pulled apart-it didn’t break apart.

Pecan Shortbread-I can’t even remember the things I was going to say about it-I ate it so fast. So yum would be how I would describe it 🙂

Hazelnut Shortbread-I had this one from South End Formaggio and loved it just as much this time around!

Butterscotch-You would think that this was going to be a hard cookie, but it was super soft. The butterscotch taste was really strong, you can’t miss it. It’s layer upon layer of butterscotch goodness-batter, chips and frosting.

Coconut Macaroon-Super moist!!

Butter Walnut- Im not sure if this is what it really was but it was so good. The cookie was so buttery!

I’m not sure what the name of this cookie was-but yum. Almond. You can taste the almond paste in the cookie and it is SOOOO moist. I think I would have liked this one plain. The cookie was so sweet-I think the chocolate just sent it over the top!

Lakota Bakery

1373 Massachusetts Avenue, Arlington, MA 02476-4101  (781) 646-0121‎


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