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The Uno’s in Allston, MA has closed its doors.

The Uno’s in Allston, MA has closed its doors.

A personal fond memory about this place: When I was in college a buddy of mine and I used to go out to the movies and we would always go here after for a bite to eat. I don’t know why I never said anything, but I really dislike Uno’s. I know-Gasp! I guess I just don’t like deep dish pizza. But we went for years, movies-Uno’s, movies-Uno’s. Not until I was out of college did I happen to casually mention to him that “oh by the way, I never really like going to Uno’s!” So now we go other places, no big deal. I sent him the link to the post Grub Street wrote about it…and he wrote me back “too bad they’re already closed, made me want to go there one last time for nostalgia.” I explained to him that he could just go down to the one in Kenmore!

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