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I had never heard of this place before, but that’s probably because I don’t work downtown. It’s probably a good thing I don’t work downtown because I would eat all of my meals out and that wouldn’t be good for the wallet or the waistline. I met up with my dining companion on a rainy Friday afternoon. He told me that it was a perfect day for Chacarero because there wouldn’t be a line. Chacarero used to be located in the old Filene’s Basement building-you would have to wait in one line to order and pay and then go around the corner and wait in another line to pick up you order. There were no tables to eat at inside, yet the line on a nice day would be around the block.

Apparently the line on a nice day is still around the block even though they have moved to a new location (with inside seating). Who knew that Chilean cuisine would be so popular! They have a cult following-like Anna’s. So here is the deal. You order-chicken or steak. Large or small. You pay. Move down the cafeteria like line and you tell them what you want on your sandwich. Green beans, hot sauce, tomatoes, munster cheese, salt and pepper, and/or avocado spread. For here or to go. Done.

We get small chickens with everything but tomatoes. I’ve never been here before, so I go with what my dining companion is getting. The bread is baked fresh in house daily, and boy is it good. The chicken is thin and cooked on the grill. The beans are cooked but still have a nice crunch to them. The hot sauce sort of surprises you throughout the sandwich with a little kick here and there…but don’t worry it’s not super spicy. The salt and pepper just add a nice zing. We sit in the stools by the window (there are also booths) and dive into these sandwiches. For $7 these aren’t half bad. I like the combination-and to be honest I wasn’t sure I was going to love beans in my sandwich…but its good. PS. I love the avocado spread!

For what this is, a $7 “fast food” sandwich, I think that it’s great. It is what it is.  I’ll be back again next time I’m downtown for lunch!

While we were in line waiting to customize our orders, I was telling my dining companion about my theory on Anna’s-how there should be a ‘rookie’ line and a ‘regular’ line (as an Anna’s regular himself, he agreed there should be). The guy next to me jumps into the conversation saying “boy-you’re harsh”. I said to him that when you are a regular and you know what you want, sometimes it can be frustrating when people are holding up the line and being indecisive. And then I thought to myself, “only a  rookie would say that!”


101 Arch Street Boston, MA 02110-1124   (617) 542-0392

Alternate location:26 Province Street Boston, MA 02108  (617)542-0392

Monday – Friday 8:00AM to 6:00PM

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