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10,000lbs of candy on display-you’re thinking ‘yeah right’.

10,000lbs of candy on display-you’re thinking ‘yeah right’. Set one foot inside Yummies and you know it’s true. Not only do they do a huge business at their store, they also do a huge volume of website business.

They have everything you could ever imagine: sugar free candy, nuts, chocolate covered things, more pez than you can wrap your head around, and old school candy. Literally floor to ceiling-candy covers the walls.

They have hard to find candy: bit-o-honey, cherry mash, french burnt peanuts, mallow cups, mary janes, necco wafers, oh henry’s, sky bars, squirrel nut zippers and more! My parents love the teaberry gum, black jack gum and chicklets. So stop in for some candy-or just stop in to see an amazing sight!


  • Toll Free Number   877-498-6643
  • Address 384 State Road(US Rt 1) ,Kittery, Maine 03904
  • Hours                     9AM-5PM EST Every Day
  • Directions               From Rt 95 North take exit 3 North(Rt 1) 1 mile to Yummies on right

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