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Trader Joe’s, you’ve been there. They aren’t new…so why am I blogging about them? Just sharing some of the things that I love at Trader Joe’s.

There are many locations around the state, one of them is probably near you.

I find that in all the stores that I have been to, everyone is just so darn friendly. Do they put something in the water?¬† It’s like LL Bean, no one has a bad day!

Pineapple salsa. Great on its own but also good in guacamole. A little sweet, a little spicy, quite excellent.

Corn and chile salsa-a tomato less salsa. Also quite good on its own, but I love to add this to my guacamole as well. It gives it a little something something!

Other favorites include: anything in the nut section, the sweet potato chips, the frozen edamame, mochi, and the ice cream sandwiches that look like chipwiches.

Trader Joe’s

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