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I know that lobster rolls are a summer thing, but sometimes I like going before the high season starts-and the crowds swarm Barnacle Billy’s. It’s like going to Cape Cod, the Vineyard or Nantucket off season…

Located in Perkins Cove, a part of Ogunquit in Maine, Barnacle Billy’s offers some of the freshest lobster around.

In the summer time you can grab a seat out on the deck and enjoy the view or take a walk along the cliffs after you enjoy a lobster roll. There are some cute shops in Perkins cove as well as an ice cream shop if you are so inclined.

There is parking across the street for $6-with no time limit, or meters farther up the road.

When you walk in to Barnacle Billy’s you order from the first guy (on the left), you walk your receipt over to the right end of the counter where you pay. You seat yourself at any table in the dining room or out on the patio. They call your number over the loudspeaker and you go to pick up your food. They have wait service for drinks from the bar but you don’t have to use them (you can buy drinks when you order your food).

During colder times, the dining area has two fireplaces. They make the room so cozy. Even though it wasn’t warm enough outside, Barnacle Billy’s was packed with locals. Everyone knew each other and Billy himself was greeting folks.

I’m not a huge mayo person. The texture and mere thought of it makes me a bit ill. I love Barnacle Billy’s lobster roll. Other top choices include Neptunes and Evelyn’s Drive In (who both make warm lobster rolls with butter). Billy’s is a lobster salad, made with only a little bit of mayo-which is the perfect amount, and some celery. The bun is buttered and grilled. The lobster roll comes with some sweet pickles and chips.

Here’s a close up. There are large pieces of lobster inside, and the meat is so sweet and fresh. They run about $17.95 a piece. They also served boiled lobsters and a variety of other non seafood options.

George Bush senior has been known to frequent this place in the summer. They also have another restaurant next door-Barnacle Billy’s Etc.

Barnacle Billy’s

50-70 Perkins Cove Rd
Ogunquit, ME 03907-0837
(207) 646-5575

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