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I have been to sweet before and didn’t think that they were all that great, but I figured that I would give them a second try. The shop is located on Mass. Ave with a second location in Harvard Square. The shop is charming: a pink banquette in the window to eat cupcakes in (how very Sex & the City), apothecary jars full of candy, and a bright case full of desserts.
They have daily cupcakes as well as specialty cupcakes that rotate by season. In addition they have cookies and frosting shots (I think they were $1.75 each). Last time I remember that I didn’t like the cupcakes because they were dry, but like I said, I thought I’d give them another shot.
Here are the ones that I tried this time:
THE SWEET CAKE*:Creamy Madagascar vanilla bean cake with buttercream frosting in vanilla or chocolate
I thought the cake was moist-er than the rest of the lot, but denser as well. I thought the frosting was going to be super strong vanilla taste like Haagen Dazs ice cream, but really the cupcake and the frosting were a little bland for my taste.
ORGANIC KARAT*-Moist carrot cake with shredded organic carrots and crushed pineapple topped with classic cream cheese frosting and an edible gold leaf petal
This one, along with the Red Velvet, got a little beat up in the transportation home. Even though they have boxes with cutouts for the cupcakes not to bump each other, they did manage to get jostled when a big gust of wind got to the bag. Anyway, I love carrot cake, so I was excited for this one. The cake smelled and looked like a nice spicy cake, but instead it was gummy. The frosting was good, it was smooth and flavorful-a little on the sweet side.
RED VELVET*-Gentle hint of Bensdorp Dutch cocoa, a classic shocking red hue and Sweet’s delectable cream cheese frosting
I don’t think I’ve ever seen a dry Red Velvet cake. Here was no exception. Moist and fluffy, the most so of all the choices today. While it was also cream cheese frosting, it didn’t taste as sweet as the frosting on the carrot cake cupcake. Definitely my second favorite.
LEMON-Delectable fresh lemon cake finished with a pale yellow lemon buttercream.
The cake was dry, when you looked at the parts that weren’t covered by frosting, it just looked over cooked. It was hard to eat  because the frosting was piled on so high. The cake was a bit dry and the frosting was super lemon-y.
CHEESECAKE-Creamy homestyle cheesecake with its own mini graham cracker crust. A dollop of cream cheese frosting inside and atop and finished with a light graham cracker dust.
By far my favorite of the bunch. When I was a little kid, my dad used to bring home cheese danish. I would rip off the outside pastry and just go for the middle that had the cheese filling. That’s what I thought of when I took a bite of this cupcake, cheese danish. The cake wasn’t fluffy  it was flakey-like a danish. The frosting was delicious, just like the center of a cheese danish.
JELLY DOUGHNUT-Moist baked doughnut cake, fresh raspberry jelly inside, finished with cinnamon sugar.
I think that this was my least favorite. I had high hopes after just trying the doughnut muffin at Bread and Chocolate. I’m not even sure you could call this a cupcake, what is the difference between a cupcake and a muffin? I always thought it was frosting, although I have had muffins with frosting on it…so I guess that theory doesn’t work. Anyway, The cupcake was really well done on top-thus it was pretty dry on the inside. The jelly was wonderful, just like a doughnut. And just like in a jelly doughnut, I wish there were more of it-I wish it were evenly spread out over the cupcake so it would take away the dryness of the cake.
So the cupcakes were about $18.50 for 6. I just felt it was pretty expensive for cupcakes and that they really weren’t that large. I compare them to the Party Favors jumbo which is around the same price and it’s twice as big (and good). I think that they are nice to look at, and would be great if you wanted to have a party with them, but they didn’t make it into the top 10 on this girl’s cupcake list.
Sweet Cupcakes
49 Massachusetts Avenue Boston, MA
Hours – Sweet Back Bay
Monday and Tuesday 11:00 am until 8:00 pm; Wednesday through Saturday 11:00 am until 9:00 pm;
Sunday 12 noon until 8:00 pm

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