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Lyndell’s took over the spot where LuLu’s Bakery used to be. Located at the end of Hanover street, the bakery is small but adorable. We had gone to dinner a few weeks ago at Prezza and walked over to get a cupcake at Lyndell’s after-but they were closed. Bummer. We had seen Lyndell’s featured on Chronicle and the pastry chef from Market raved about the red velvet cake. Here’s what I thought was weird, you could see all the cupcakes in the case. They can’t be fresh if you’re selling the days goods from the night before. I put it out of my mind-didn’t give it another thought.

I think that I probably should have gone with one of the half moons-it is what they are known for. They are more like cake than cookie (chocolate or vanilla) and frosted with chocolate and vanilla frosting. I bought cupcakes instead- a red velvet and a vanilla with vanilla. They are very simple, there are only a few choices (vanilla and vanilla, vanilla with chocolate frosting, chocolate with chocolate frosting, chocolate with vanilla frosting and red velvet) and they are simple-just cake and frosting. No sprinkles, no fondant, no fuss.

Let’s start with the bad news. I had read from a couple of reviews on yelp that they red velvet cupcakes were stale. I don’t think I had ever seen/had a stale red velvet cupcake-other kinds yes, but not red velvet. Unfortunately the rumors were true, the cake was super dry and crumbly. The frosting didn’t taste like cream cheese and it was gritty. Bummer.

Now the good news. The vanilla with vanilla was great! The cake was moist and fluffy. The frosting was smooth and rich, not too sweet-almost fluffy. There was a good icing to cake ratio.  The difference between this and the red velvet was like night and day.

Lyndell’s (Photos and bakery items from this location)

227 Hanover Street-North End-Boston, MA 617-720-2200

Sunday 10am-11pm; Monday-Thursday 11am-10pm; Friday-Saturday 11am-11pm

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