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I have to admit that Harvard Square isn’t usually in my wheelhouse. I mean, it’s a green line-red line thing. It takes forever to get there by the T, parking? no thanks…. and how can I add another area to my list of places to go? I can’t even get to all the restaurants on my side of the river, let alone the other side!! That being said, some of my favorite places are in Harvard Square.

Crema might be one of my new favorite places. I went there this weekend, and boy did everyone have spring fever. Everyone was outside, hanging out by the Harvard T stop, listening to performances, walking their dogs etc.  When we got there, there was a line out the door-the windows were open and it was just lovely. Inside there are family style benches for eating, and in the back there are tables, downstairs-and upstairs in the loft area. People were here just hanging out, doing work, sipping on coffee-enjoying the day.

There were so many options, I mean just look at the pastry case in the picture above. And I would like everyone to note the HUGE brownies they have (bottom right hand corner)!! We came for sandwiches, I was torn between a grilled cheese (Monterey Jack & Gruyere pressed on light rye. Add ham, bacon or caramelized onion for $0.75.) and the grilled chicken (Grilled chicken breast with sliced avocado & zesty cotija cheese-corn spread, pressed on light sourdough). It was super hot, and I didn’t want anything heavy, so I went with the grilled cheese with bacon.

One word. Yum! The bread is lightly toasted and crispy and the cheese is oozing when you pull the sandwich apart. The flavors are fantastic.

My dining companion gets the Roast Beef with mushroom pate, celery hearts, red onion & sherry vinaigrette on wheat. The celery gives the sandwich a really nice crunch to it, the healthier version of putting potato chips in your sandwich! The pate gives the sandwich some great flavor that blends seamlessly with the meat. Two really good choices over all. I will definitely get the grilled chicken the next time we come here, the people sitting across the table from us had one, and it looked outstanding!

There was a mad dash for seats while we were there. It was a good thing that I came with someone else, so that they could order while I saved two seats. The ceiling was dripping a little, so it cut off about 1/2 the table from being used. People hover and wait for highly coveted seats…but don’t feel rushed!

Crema Cafe

4 Brattle St Cambridge, Massachusetts 02138
(617) 868-8530

$10 minimum on credit cards-they don’t take amex

Crema Café on Urbanspoon

**Update 4/10

We went back to Crema on a rainy Saturday afternoon. We ordered our food to eat in, but as we were waiting for the food to come, we realized that we might not get a seat. As I said before, people come in here and nurse one cup of coffee all morning at a table. There just aren’t enough tables for the amount of business that they do. Luckily, on our way out the door, people stood up to leave from the family style table. If you hesitate you lose your chance- so don’t blink your eyes. We swooped in.

This time I had the grilled chicken sandwich: Grilled chicken breast with sliced avocado & zesty cotija cheese-corn spread, pressed on light sourdough. Oh my goodness was it yummy! I love this sandwich. I love the corn spread, it was very mild and the avocado was a nice touch-I like the consistency of it when it meets with the warm chicken and hot bread.  My dining companion had the grilled cheese.

We split the carrot cake. It was soo good. It was moist and a little bit spicy- lots of raisins. The cream cheese frosting in the middle was more of a sour cream taste, not the super sweet frosting you are probably accustomed to on carrot cake.

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