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I realize that when I post this, I’m setting myself up for a lot of flack. JP Licks has a cult following. You’d know this if you ever drove by one on a warm summer night. The one in Brookline has people lined up down the block and all the benches in the area are taken by people eating ice cream. I love ice cream as much as the next person, don’t get me wrong. JP Licks has some great flavors, the ice cream is smooth and creamy.

Here’s my issue. It’s dirty. And I’m not talking about oh I went in there once and it was like this, it has been like this on several occasions. When you get up to the counter there is a clear window where you can see all the toppings-candy, marshmallow, fruit etc. Some of the toppings are mixed in with one another, dripped all over the counter, it looks like a kindergarten art project. That’s fine that the toppings are messy and I can understand that sometimes things get spilled into other things, but in that case, don’t have a clear window where everyone can see it. You don’t want to see m&m’s floating in your marshmallow topping or nuts in your caramel sauce. Either wipe it down every time spill something and keep it clean or keep it out of view. And I have to say that I’ve seen fruit flies hovering over the toppings on various occasions. While I know this can’t be completely prevented, again, don’t have it open for all to see. In every restaurant there are going to be bugs that fly in etc. but if you don’t have to see it, the thought wouldn’t cross your mind. We were at the JP Licks in JP this weekend and there is a ledge in front of the counter, I was horrified to see a woman let her child stand on the ledge in sneakers and watch the ice cream being made. Ick. Who knows what your kid has stepped in and then you allow him to stand on a counter where food is being served?

We got a cake at JP Licks for a party this weekend. Coffee Oreo ice cream with fudge in the center, topped with coffee whipped topping, oreos and fudge. A medium round cake was $26.99. The fudge inside tasted a little like caramel. Yum. The ice cream was fantastic and the chocolate icing on the bottom was super chocolate-y! It was a hit!

Regular Ice Cream Flavors

Vanilla Chocolate Chip
Cake Batter Oreo Oreo Maple Walnut
Chocolate White Coffee Cow Trax Coffee
Kowlua Cherry Ortiz Strawberry
Cookie Dough Rum Raisin Cake Batter
Black Raspberry Coconut Almond Chip
Cappuccino Crunch Coffee Oreo
Pistachio Sweet Cream Mint Chip

This Month's Flavors
Butter Almond Mint Irish Lace
Noodle Kugel Batter Up! a
Thin Mint a
a Green Monster Tea a
Black Raspberry Low Fat Hard Yogurt
Lactose-free, sorbet, sherbet
Irish Orange Sorbet
Youk’s Manischewitz Sorbet
Pink Grapefruit League Sorbet
Coffee Lactose Free

Hard-frozen Yogurt Flavors
Coffee Chip Peanut Butter
Chocolate Chip Cookie Mint Chip

JP Licks

See website for specific locations: Brooklin-Coolidge Corner, Dedham-Legacy Place, Boston-Newbury Street, Davis Square, Harvard Square, Newton Centre, Jamaica Plain, Mission Hill, West Roxbury

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