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Centre Street Cafe is this cute little place on (where else but) Centre Street in Jamaica Plain. I think that it’s really hard to find places that serve a good breakfast, which is why on the weekends there is always a line around the block to get into this place. It’s like the Zaftigs of Jamaica Plain. There were only 4 people ahead of us in line so the wait wasn’t very long at about noon on Saturday. The decor inside is quirky. There are painted pictures of chairs displayed on the walls (they show works of art by local artists) and star paper lanterns hanging in the back. The place only has about a dozen or so tables. Here’s the thing that we loved about this place, that they use as much local and organic food as they can, we like supporting local businesses.

Now, if I had a super power (well, if I had two) it would be super sense of smell and heightened hearing. They are my super power and my downfall. So when we get a table, I don’t know if it’s the restaurant itself, or the people sitting an inch away from us, but all I can smell is B.O. Gross right? It’s like I can’t even enjoy my breakfast because it is all-consuming.

I order the French toast made with Iggy’s sourdough bread and served with fresh fruit. My dining companion orders the Huevos Mexicanos: Two eggs scrambled to order and topped with Vermont cheddar, our homemade salsa cruda and sour cream, served with spicy black beans and your choice of a corn bread wedge or a large flour tortilla. They are quick to have us order, and the food comes out promptly. They weren’t kidding when they said that the French toast comes with tons of fruit! It’s like a whole side of fruit salad on top of the French toast. They give you three slices of French toast, cut into 6 triangles. The bread is thin, and not quite completely covered with batter. It’s cooked perfectly. Sometimes French toast can be heavy and soggy in the middle-not here. The huevos Mexicanos are reported to be delicious- as well as the corn bread.

If you’re looking for a fancy brunch, this is not your place. The food here is simple and fresh.  Many of the items on the menu can be made vegetarian or vegan. Here’s the one downside.With the long lines that are usually outside, I felt like they rush you in and they rush you out. The food is good, but is it  just being cranked out as fast as possible? This isn’t going to be a leisurely meal where you nurse your coffee and read the Sunday paper. The check is dropped right after we are delivered our meals and just as we take our last bite, our plates are cleared. (hint hint)

Centre Street Cafe

669 Centre Street Jamaica Plain, MA 02130-2556
(617) 524-9217

Brunch: Sat and Sun 9am-3pm

Lunch: Mon-Fri 11:30am-3pm

Dinner: Mon-Fri 5pm-9:30pm

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