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I love Jamba Juice. I always make sure to stop for one (ok sometimes I go more than once) when I am in New York, and even Chicago. I was always so sad that there wasn’t one in Boston. And then, like Sonic, one opened in Boston! Here’s the catch…it’s in the Boston University Student Union Food Court.

So yes, you have to suck up your pride and be that creepy old person that’s hanging around in the college food court area, but it is so worth it! And really, is it just me or are the college kids looking younger and younger every year? So unless you have a student id, it’s cash only here (they have a Bank of America atm in the lobby).

I don’t know exactly why I love it here so much, maybe it’s the custom made smoothies, maybe it’s the real fruit that they put in the smoothies that make me think I’m consuming something healthy. I enjoy the razzmatazz ( tart twist of mixed berry juice, strawberries, bananas, orange sherbet and ice) minus the bananas. It tastes fruity but I’m not sure it’s overwhelmingly raspberry tasting. I also enjoy the strawberry surf rider from time to time (lemonade, strawberries, peaches, lime sherbet and ice). The surf rider is cheek puckering tart, it sends your taste buds into shock!

You can get your smoothies with boosts, antioxidant, energy, soy protein etc. And if you are watching your calories, you can get  light smoothies.

Jamba Juice

Boston University

775 Commonwealth Ave. Boston MA 617-353-2991

Northeastern University

1155 Tremont Street Boston, MA 617-373-7018

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