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This was the second time I have been to Bread and Chocolate (See previous review). I went for lunch and had a ham and cheese sandwich. It was served on a crusty baguette, I asked for it without the dijon but had them put on the sweet butter (how very European). The sandwich came with just ham and cheese, nothing else on it. Slightly disappointing, considering all the creativity in the pastries. The baguette was quite crusty, almost too hard to chew. They offer quiches, but they are pre-packaged along with some other pasta dishes. They have pre made salads available as well.

Two of the four tables were taken, probably because it was such a nice day…we ate lunch there. I was waiting to finish my lunch before I went back for dessert. They had the highly sought after doughnut muffins today…A steady stream of people walk in while I am eating and one by one the muffins are disappearing. I’m finding myself eating faster and faster, trying to finish my lunch so I can get one of those muffins. I had come so close, I didn’t want this chance to try one to slip through my hands. (How dramatic of me-I know!)  After pulling what felt like a Kobayashi (you know, that Japanese speed eater that wolfed down 53 hot dogs in 12 minutes), I jump up and secure a doughnut muffin. It doesn’t look like much…but I’ve found that the things that don’t look like much, often taste the best.

I cut the muffin in half. It appears to be dense and I’m wondering if it will be heavy. I inhale the wonderful cinnamon and sugar coating…heaven. To my delight, the muffin is light and fluffy-at moments I have feelings of buttermilk biscuits…and then it passes. I have no idea why, they are nothing like buttermilk biscuits. The sugar coating is sweet and delicious. I’m pretty sure one could inhale 6 of these without blinking an eye…but I settle for half, and secretly wish to myself that I didn’t offer to split the muffin! If it had been colder outside, the muffin would have been perfect with one of Bread and Chocolate’s hot chocolate. Perhaps next time!

Bread and Chocolate Bakery Cafe

108 Madison Avenue Newtonville MA


Mon-Sat 7am-4pm; Sun 8am-2pm

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