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I had been reading about this place and was intrigued. The place is small, maybe only 10 tables, with minimal decor. They have a chalk board on the wall stating the menu choices.

I’m not sure what makes a sandwich ‘gourmet’ but I wanted to find out. Sandwiches are around $7. The roast beef only came one size, but the Italian could be ordered as a small or a large (the large was more like a regular sized sandwich, so I assume a small is equivalent to half a sandwich)

We ordered the Italian · the spuckie…olive salad, housemade mozzarella, italian meats, ciabatta and the roast beef
· crispy shallots, thousand island, cheddar, black pepper brioche along with a limeade and house made potato chips.

I’m not a fan of olives. I tried to get the sandwich made without the spread, but she said that the sandwiches were pre-made so I had to have the spread. Kind of disappointing. I had the sandwich pressed in the panini press…good choice. The sandwich had Italian meats inside which were overpowered by the olive spread (made with olives and carrots). I was also looking forward to the house made mozzarella cheese but thought that it seemed lost in the sandwich. The limeade was wonderful. It comes in a cup and is sweet and tart-very refreshing.

My dining companion thought that the roast beef sandwich was delicious. He loved the brioche roll and the meat was excellent.

The house made potato chips were fantastic. They weren’t as crispy as bagged chips but had a wonderful flavor to them. And they weren’t too salty-which I liked. Two sandwiches, two drinks and a side of chips was $22. I think that this place is a nice addition to the area- Brookline could use another good lunch spot.


284 Washington Street Brookline MA 617-505-1844
Mon-Fri 7am-3pm; Sat 8am-3pm

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