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I was listening to the radio a little while and heard this interview Ryan Seacrest was giving with Dax Shepard. Dax said that men and women differ in how they size up the opposite sex. When a woman looks at a man and he is physically a 6, but his personality is a 10, she subconsciously puts the numbers into a formula and he is now an 8. Guys, they use the same formula but on a sliding scale. If he looks at woman and if she’s physically a 10, and she has a personality that’s a 1, she’s still an 8.5.

That’s sort of how I feel about this place. The cookies are good but they aren’t the best cookies I’ve ever had. I’d give them about a 6. On the other hand, I loved the feel of this place. The people were really nice, the shop was set up in a really cute way, and the people were really friendly. Personality, 10. So I rate this shop an 8.

Now I love me a good cupcake, but surprisingly enough, I didn’t get one here. We just got cookies. I had seen them somewhere and I checked them out online before we went to NYC. They had some good looking cookies so I noted the ones that I wanted to try. When we got there, they didn’t have all the flavors that they sell online which was sort of a bummer, but hey, you make do. The cookies are adorable little two biters (one biters if you are feeling particularly hungry), which means that you can eat more of them if they are so small right? And how cute is it that all their cookies have girl names??

I especially loved the Juliette: “chocolate cinnamon ganache sandwiched between two hazelnut cookies.” and the Olga: “chocolate mint ganache sandwiched between two sugar cookies.” Check out the website for pictures of these cookies.

And hold on to your hats folks, their coffee has ice cubes made of COFFEE!!

They also do a website business, so if you can’t make it to NYC anytime soon, you can try them (eat them all in one sitting)  in the privacy of your own home. You can get a box of 48 cookies for $29 delivered to your front door. The good news is that I have friends who live in Brooklyn, right down the street from this place, so it gives me an excuse to visit!

I saw on some website that they take credit cards, but when we went it was cash only…so maybe stop at the ATM before stopping in …just in case. I will admit that the cookies are a bit on the pricey side, but isn’t that New York for you?

One Girl Cookies

68 Dean St., Brooklyn, NY 212.675.4996

Monday-Thursday 8am-7pm; Friday 8am-8pm; Saturday 11am-8pm; Sunday 12pm-7pm

One Girl Cookies on Urbanspoon

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