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I saw this place on Food Network quite some time ago. We went last year to get some take out, but this year, we dined in. If you are looking for fine dining, find some other place. This place is a bang for your buck, old school style kind of place. There were people with small children, college students, and some people with serious belly action going on. Cheap food and lots of it. The pasta plate is about half a box of pasta with a half a bottle of Bove’s own sauce doused on top. The portions are huge! The table behind us got an antipasta salad that looked like about a foot high.

The decor leaves something to be desired. There is a mural on the wall, a la Papa Gino’s style and that’s about it. The booths haven’t changed for 10 years just like the rest of the place. But that’s what makes this place great. It’s very popular with the local UVM students, Bove’s has been around since 1941. You can buy Bove’s sauces in local markets across the US, but it’s much more fun when you go and have the whole experience.

You walk in and you seat yourself at any open table you can find. The soup is under $2, the pasta is under $10. Every day is a new special:

Chicken Cacciatore Marinated Chicken with our famous Chianti Mushroom sauce
Lasagna a la Bove. Victoria Bove’s original masterpiece
Stuffed Green Pepper stuffed with seasoned beef and baked to perfection!
Babe’s Manicotti is an all-time Favorite! Just like Uncle Babe used to make!

The Food Network featured the lasagna, which was the size of a small dinner plate, good but filling! And now, every night is lasagna night! This time around we got the spaghetti and meatballs, the clams a la Bove with white sauce, the salami grinder and the ziti with Italian sausage. The meatballs were moist and flavorful, like they had been simmering in sauce all day. The salami grinder was less impressive, but my dining companion was satisfied. The clams a la Bove was made with butter and oil and had a ton of garlic on it-good thing I was all the way across the table! The sausage was a crowd pleaser.

So dinner was $35 for 4 people, that’s a pretty good deal since we all left with full stomachs!

You can go to the website and order the sauces, meatballs and lasagna online! Bove’s also does a huge take out business, so if you can’t dine it, call ahead and pick something up!

Leave your credit cards at home because Bove’s is CASH ONLY (there is an atm on site)


68 Pearl Street / Burlington, VT 05401 / 802.864.6651

Tuesday – Thursday 2:00pm-8:45pm
Friday & Saturday 11:00am-8:45pm
Sunday & Monday Closed

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