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We stopped by here because of the good chocolates we had at the end of our meal at Solstice. What a cute shop. You could see the girls making chocolate in the back. The chocolates weren’t perfectly shaped which I think is great, shows that they were hand made! We didn’t get there at the right time, but they offers free chocolate dipping demonstrations daily at 2pm. “Stop by and learn what we do and how we make delicious hand-dipped chocolates with the big picture in mind.” They had quite a few things to choose from, and while I was just tempted to take the easy way out and get a box, I decided from my last experience (see Phillip’s Candy House) that I would choose my own.

The chocolates are divided into three types by case. One case in the back has all the butter creams. I bypassed that all together. A counter by the door had truffles, which I also passed on. The final counter had everything else, clusters, barks, turtles, cookies etc. I bought: a peanut butter cup, a cashew turtle, a piece of almond bark, a piece of brittle with nuts, and a piece of peanut butter bark (all milk chocolate) all for about $18.

The cashew turtles were wonderful. The caramel was so thick and sweet which off set the saltiness of the cashews. The chocolate itself was smooth and creamy. The peanut butter cup was a little odd for me. The chocolate was great but then there was caramel inside, which I thought was odd, and then in the middle of that there was a gooey shot of peanut butter (they make their own peanut butter!!)-so if you eat it in bites you might think you’re getting a caramel until you take your second bite and a burst of strong peanut butter erupts into your mouth.  It was tasty, just an unexpected surprise. (random thought-do you remember that gum that had the liquid center in it?)

The barks were all good. The nuts were crunchy and salty in the almond bark, you really got to taste how good the chocolate was here. The peanut butter bark was great, a thin layer of pb sandwiched between two slabs on milk chocolate, intense but good. The toffee was stick to your teeth good-made less so by the nuts (it is available without nuts). The toffee is thick so be careful of your teeth!

Laughing Moon Chocolates

78 South Main Street, Stowe Village, VT 05672

ph: 802.253.959

Open daily from 9am-6pm

You can find them on Facebook, featured in Real Simple or in Ski Magazine and be sure to check out their newsletter

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