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Everyone knows that I’m a Food Network junkie. I had been watching a Throwdown with Bobby Flay marathon and saw the Vermont Brownie Company on it. The premise of the show is that Bobby Flay challenges people who are the best at what they do. So one week it could be brownies, another Belgium Waffles and another week it could be paella.

Vermont Brownie Company‘s signature brownie is a dark chocolate chevre brownie. The company doesn’t have storefront, which seems to be a popular trend these days with bakeries, but they give you a list of places that you can buy them. We went to Wally’s Place Bagel and Deli to get them. Luckily Wally’s had 3 choices available:the mint, the chevre and the maple toffee. We also happened to stop at the Shelburne Farms Welcome Center and they only had the mint kind. Good thing we didn’t go there first. We took one chevre and one maple toffee. They have other flavors too: Regular signature brownie, espresso dulce de leche, peanut butter, and white chocolate raspberry. You can order them online-and bonus they have sampler packs!!

The Chevre: So the brownie is so moist and delicious. I’m not a dark chocolate person, but it was good. Usually cream cheese brownies and sweet, but this brownie you can really taste the chevre cheese. If you don’t like chevre, you should pass and just go for the regular brownie. The brownie is a layer of brownie, a layer of the chevre, and a final layer of brownie with some chocolate chunks on top. The brownie is so rich you might want to have a glass of milk on hand!

The Maple Toffee: If this isn’t enough to satisfy your sweet tooth, there must be something wrong with you. The brownie is so moist and chocolatey-it would be delicious just as is. The maple toffee on top is fantastic, it’s salty and blends so well with the sweetness of the brownie. I may be in love.

Vermont Brownie Company

Address: P.O. Box 434
South Hero, VT 05486

Phone: 802.450.BAKE

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