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I have been going to the Shed for about 15 years. I love their hamburgers. 6oz of meat served on a toasted english muffin-delicious!!

I had been searching for their website online but only came across reviews for the place. They weren’t good for the most part. (Trip Advisor, Pubcrawler, Frommers, Yelp )

I always thought that this place was pretty good.The shed offers a variety of pub American fare, and as long as you go there knowing that you should stick to just that, you’ll be fine. You don’t walk into an Olive Garden and order a filet  mignon thinking it will be delicious. I’d stick to the burgers.

We sat in the restaurant area by the fireplace. There weren’t that many people there, but if you go on the weekend or on a holiday you should call and make a reservation. You can also eat in the bar area. In addition they have a nice greenhouse area where you can sit-which nicer in the better weather of course. They have been around forever, the decor inside is a little dated, but you’re not going in expecting fine dining. Some of the specialties on the menu include their “ski of beer” which is 6, 4oz samples of beer, home made root beer, and of course the burgers (6oz shed burger and 9oz barn burger).

I started with the french onion soup. I had read in some of the other reviews that people were disappointed with it. It came in a large bowl with bread and melted Vermont cheddar cheese on top. Some people were complaining that it came with crackers, but my thing is, if there is bread inside the soup, why on earth would you want crackers too? The soup only comes in one size (the other soups come in 2 sizes) and is pretty pricey ($8.95). The soup was good, the cheese was tasty and the soup had a great flavor to it, not too salty. The downside was this-when I looked down when it came and there was an eyelash on the cheese. Ick.

Moving along, we ordered 2 burgers, one with cheese and one without and the asian chicken salad. The salad was sort of blah, nothing to write home about. It was a spinach salad with grilled chicken and tomatoes. The burgers were good. As I said before, I love them. They were juicy and delicious. Now, for the other negative. I went to take a sip of my water and there was a dead fruit fly in it. I mentioned it nicely and quietly to the waitress and she brought me another one. Here’s where the problem lies. I’ve worked in a restaurant-the right thing to do is comp the meal of that person and apologize. You want people to come back and you want people to have a good experience at your restaurant. Neither of the two happened. I didn’t want to make a big fuss, there weren’t that many people there so she wasn’t getting a lot of tips, and the meal wasn’t that expensive, however, it will make me think twice about going back there (it really pains me to say that). It just sours your feelings about a restaurant when you love it so much and have a bad experience with it. Any place can have an off night-but it’s the way you deal with it that separates the good from the bad.

The Shed Restaurant and Brewery

1859 Mountain Rd
Stowe, VT 05672

(802) 253-4364

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