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A cute little shop in downtown Burlington, right off the main strip. It’s cute. There are some tables, you can order breakfast or lunch. They have sandwiches, soups and paninis. We ordered some pastries from the counter, there were so many choices. They have whole pies and cakes in the case as well as cupcakes, cookies and bars.

The lemon poppy reduced fat muffin had this glaze on it, I couldn’t quite put my finger on the taste of it. It was on the smaller side, but moist.

The key lime tartlette was good. I never understand why whenever you get a key lime anything, they garnish it with a regular lime. The crust was shortbread like, buttery and delicious. The filling was smooth and tart and the whipped cream on top was light and fluffy.

That other dessert that’s pictured, I don’t remember what it’s called but it was pretty good. There were a lot of strong flavors running through it. It was a tart shell (good and buttery), the bottom had a layer of thick caramel sprinkled with hazelnuts (which added crunch but not flavor) with that chocolate ball in the center (it was a whipped vanilla tasting inside, covered in a dark hard chocolate shell). Not a dessert that I would crave, but I never say no to dessert!

Burlington is an interesting area, it’s changed quite a bit over the years. The bus stop brings in some interesting characters and you are sure to find a street artist singing or playing music on the corner.

Mirabelles Cafe

198 Main St., Burlington, VT 05401
(802) 658-3074

Hours: 7am-5pm M-F; 8am-5pm Sat.; 8am-2:30pm Sun

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