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Ok, I’ll admit that I am a food snob. But how can that really be if some of my favorite places are next to or in gas stations? (My other favorite places to get calzones is Country Pizza in Lincoln-which happens to share the same space as a Mobil gas station. Try the Chicken Parm calzone!!) I saw Vermont Brownie Company on Throwndown with Bobby Flay on the Food Network. I went to their website and found that they don’t have a store, but you could buy them at various locations. My picks were the Shelburne Welcome center or this place. Since I have already been to Shelburne Farms, I decided to for for the double win and get a bagel AND a brownie. So South hero is probably 15 minutes past Burlington, and you might not even know where it is unless you take the ferry to New York from there. We had to drive around to find the place, until I noticed it, behind the gas station. I didn’t have good feelings about it. I generally stay away from rest food like places. But we park the car and go in. A tiny shop, with two stools that sit in the window-overlooking the gas station. There is a glass case with bagels and desserts. There is another couple eating on the stools so I’m thinking in my head, ‘ok I’m getting a gas station bagel and I’m going to have to eat it in my car-great.’ The two guys working behind the counter were really nice. Like I said before, must be something in the Vermont water. We order. I get a plain bagel with veggie cream cheese and my companion gets an everything with butter. The bagels are on the smaller side, definitely smaller than Finagle. The other couple finishes and leaves, so we grab the two seats in the window. The bagels are WONDERFUL. They are crusty on the outside and fresh and doughy on the inside. Now let’s talk cream cheese. I’m not really a cream cheese kind of gal. That being said, the one cream cheese near and dear to my heart is Cape Cod Bagel‘s veggie cream cheese. This cream cheese might just be better. It has huge chunks of veggies in it and is light as air. Yum!

So that’s the bagel. I ordered two brownies to take with us, one Chevre-which is the one that I wanted to try because it was the one featured on the show, and one maple toffee. I’ve yet to try them but will be sure to post a review when I do. If you can bear to make the drive, the bagels are worth the trip!

Wally’s offers breakfast all day. They have a wide selection of cream cheeses and breakfast sandwiches. The coolest part about this place is that they have a machine that makes the bagels-we got to see it in action. Who needs a bagel saw?!! ha.

Wally’s Place Bagel and Deli

1 Ferry Rd
South Hero, VT 05486


Hours of Operation: M,W,Th, F: 6am-2pm, Saturday: 7am-2pm, Sunday:    8am-2pm

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