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We stopped off at the Lake Champlain Chocolate store as we headed into the town of Stowe. It sells hot drinks, chocolate bars and pre made boxes as well as chocolates from the case. The best part is that they sell factory seconds here. They don’t look perfect but they taste just as good.

The peanut butter cups are amazing. A layer of chocolate, a layer of PB, and another layer of chocolate. It’s the grownup version of the reeses.

The organic 38% cacao milk chocolate with sea salt and almonds: I can see the almonds, and hear them crunch when I bite into the square, but I can’t really taste them. You get a mild taste of chocolate and then BAM are hit with the sea salt. It tastes like you just gargled with salt water!

The organic milk bar with 34% cacao. Yum. Smooth and wonderful. Here’s the chocolate taste I was missing in the sea salt bar!

The 5 star hazelnut: One word. Heavenly. I’m thinking that its going to be a hard piece of chocolate and I’m going to break my teeth trying to bite into it. It’s a little bigger than a fun size candy bar, 1.8 oz of chocolately goodness. It has a lighter center the consistency of whipped chocolate (not like a 3 musketeers bar) with praline and hazelnuts. The hazelnut taste is the star and who doesn’t love a crispy crunchy texture!

The 5  star caramel: caramel and nuts, who can resist? The caramel is rich and thick-you have to work at it to take a bite. The almonds are fabulous with it!

So just behind the building is the Cabot annex. They sell all their cheeses as well as other Vermont items such as maple syrup, cheese from other parts of VT, pepperoni, aprons etc. They also have a sample table where you can try all the cheese that they sell. What gets me is that you can buy cabot cheese at the market, and the prices are about the same at the annex, yet people go bonkers at this place…

Lake Champlain Chocolates

Chocolatier and Café
Conveniently located on Route 100 between Stowe and Waterbury, you’ll find our full selection of chocolates, a hot chocolate café, Vermont souvenirs, and plenty of factory seconds.
Route 100, Cabot Annex, Waterbury, VT 05677

You might also want to stop over to the factory in Burlington, it’s only about 35-40 minutes away.

Factory & Store & Café
See our chocolates being made and enjoy deep discounts on factory “seconds” — slightly imperfect chocolates.
750 Pine Street  Burlington, VT 05401  802-864-1807

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