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In my opinion, Verrill Farm makes one of THE best apple pies I’ve ever had. I have been going to Verrill Farm for about the last 10 years. In 2008 they had a fire and I didn’t know what I was going to do for a time. They set up a temporary space where they sold their goods until their new store was ready. The new place looks great!

Verrill Farm is like an indoor farmers market. I love these kinds of places, they have fresh produce, home made baked goods and great specialty items. One of my other favorite places is Russo’s in Watertown, MA. Verrill has great produce, I love the heirloom tomatoes. Apple pies are a hot commodity. They are best when right out of the oven! During the holiday time make sure to get them early because they go fast.

So let’s get down to it. The pie has a great crust, a staple to any great pie. The apples are tart and firm (this past time it tasted like there might be some red delicious apples in there). The topping is a great crumb mixture, sweet and sugary! (and it covers the whole pie-nothing worse than when you only get clumps of topping here and there!) When I make my own pies, I must admit I don’t make the crumb topping, which was why I was surprised that I loved this pie so much. I’m a purist, I like my apple pies straight, nothing else added. On occasion when they’re out, I have been known to buy apple with blackberries, desperate times call for desperate measures people. They also have other great flavors, cherry, pecan, strawberry rhubarb, and a mixed berry. The pies are seasonal. Pies come in 2 sizes, I usually go for the 10″ larger size for $14.95. They have a 8″ pie that I believe is somewhere in the $10 neighborhood. They also have a nice selection of cookies, cakes and sweet treats in their bakery.

They have a great prepared food section and cases full of specialty food. They carry Capone pasta which I love (try the mushroom tortellini). They have a wide selection of cheeses and meats. They even carry Lake Champlain chocolate!

Besides the fact that they have great food, the thing I love the most about Verrill Farm is that they are part of the community. They offer cooking classes for kids during school vacation weeks, they have tons of festivals that families can go to (asparagus festival, strawberry festival, pancake breakfasts, tomato and corn festival etc.)

So go and check them out, support your local business, just stay away from my apple pie!

They have their own blog, check it out!

Verrill Farm

11 Wheeler Road
Concord, MA 01742
(978) 369-4494

9:00 AM – 7:00 PM
(5:00 PM Sundays Jan, Feb & March)
Closed on some holidays

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