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This visit to the Cafe Bistro was much better than the last time. We sat in a sunny booth near the window. We arrived at about 1:15pm and it was crowded-and loud! The booth was very clean, you can bet that I was going to inspect every inch after last time.

So I ordered the shrimp and asparagus risotto. The risotto was cooked perfectly and had a wonderful parmesan flavor to it. It was so rich that a little goes a long way. The shrimp were a little too well done for my liking but had a nice lemon taste to them. The asparagus looked like it had been cooked three days ago-it was wrinkled and droopy with no bite  to it.

I noticed on my way out that they sell their salad dressings there. They had the cherry vinaigrette for $4.95. I will be back to buy it by the case-load!

On a final note, just something I was thinking about: If you are going to have people who bring food to tables, and you (the patron) are supposed to leave a tip, why do you have to order yourself at the cashier? Why not just have the waiters take your order too?

Update: March 2010

I had the chef’s special, the fried oxtail ravioli ($12.95) , “crispy fried raviolis served with caramelized brussel sprouts and a parmesan-havarti custard”. So the brussel sprouts were delicious. I can’t make them at home, they just never come out right, so these were a wonderful treat, perfectly cooked. The raviolis were too much dough, not enough filling. Basically I ended up pulling the outside crusts off and eating the middles. The crust was just too dry and tasteless. The meat mixture inside would have been good if there were enough of it for me to taste it. Wasn’t wowed by this dish, so maybe I’ll just stick to the blue cheese and pear salad I love so much.

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