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I was turned onto Wasik’s from my boss. I was invited to a fancy dinner party and needed some nicer cheeses to bring than what you could find at your local supermarket. My boss told me this was the place to go. Located in Wellesley Center, it is a family run business. And when I say family run, every time I have been there, I see the Wasik’s there behind the counter. The customer service is excellent. As a cheese neophyte I had no idea what to get. I told them my situation and they were able to put together a fine selection. I have this things about sampling. I’m creeped out by people who do it at the supermarket deli counter and wouldn’t even think about it at BJ’s. That being said, Wasik’s asks if you want to try before you buy. If you  know nothing about cheese, this is fantastic! (And strangely not weird for me) They cut everything fresh in front of you so you know it’s fresh. In addition to the cheese they also sell a variety of gourmet specialty foods: chutneys, olive oil, sea salt, chocolate, and caviar. They have an assortment of fresh breads and pies as well. I can’t rave about this place enough!

Some of my favorite cheeses that I get are:

The house brie. A great soft cheese made from cow’s milk. It is wonderfully smooth and creamy.

Piave Vecchio. Another  cheese made from cow’s milk, it is Italian and a hard cheese. It has a wonderful nutty taste to it.

The cheese spreads are delicious too! You just can’t go wrong here, they have something for everyone.

Wasik’s Cheese Shop

61 Central Street, Wellesley MA 02482. 781-237-0916.
Monday, 10am – 5pm | Tuesday thru Saturday, 9am – 6pm | Sunday, Closed

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